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Portable Plating Machine

We design and develop a wide range of portable plating machines that is high performing in nature. The plating done through these machines has less porosity and perfect bonding with base metal. These machines function as brush plating machine for on-site plating of nickel, silver, gold and rhodium metals. Silver plating on electrical bus bar to reduce transmission lost and heat generation in power plant

Our products are used in electrical and electronic industries to improve solderability to stainless steel. The usage of this unique machine is unlimited and mainly depends upon creativity and imagination of the user. Our range of portable plating machines are widely used in

• Metal art work
• Handicrafts
• Statues
• Hobby plating on coins
• Antique museum items
• Temple items
• Key-chains
• Cutlery
• Logo/design etching on metal parts
• Repair of defective gold plating on edge contacts of assembled PCB card without dis    assembly or masking
• Plating on flexible circuitary and tape cable
• Prototype manufacturing
• Extra thickness on gold plated area
• Small scale production of PCB with gold plating
• Electrical contacts
• Improving solderability
• Parts requiring costly disassembling
• Touch-up on plated parts and industrial parts where selective plating is a specification.

Portable Plating Machine, Portable Plating Machine Manufacturer

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